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Subscription Business Creation

September 1st-30th

Welcome to Social Camp
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Subscription Based Income

Making a sale online is hard enough. Let me teach you how to turn customers into monthly subscribers and wake up to daily compensation.

What do you love? What do you want to start online? The possibilities are endless. Step number one is to pick a service that you are interested in providing. 

Let's construct your domain, brand, social channel and website. Learn how to optimize your channels for growth. Let's go live!

How are we going to gain traffic? How are we going to outreach? Let's talk about maximum communication in 1/4th of the time!

Making a sale is hard enough. Let's get clients to pay monthly and I will show you how. Work hard and wake up daily to residual income. The sky is the limit!

6 Figure Potential

@mikey.social is a 6 figure earner who has helped 770+ people from 11 countries educate and grow online. Are you going to be next?

University of New Hampshire Social Camp


Social Camp with @mikey.social

Let's talk Social.